How to resolve the notebook error on a customized Project Site

Within a Project Site on the project server we do have a place to collaborate, file documents, manage tasks/meetings, risks, issues, deliverables and to use the integrated One Note to manage ideas. I faced an issue with the notebook after I customized the project site heavily. After I generated the new solution and made it accessible to the projects, there was the error message “Sorry, something went wrong”. Let’s have a look on the normal process, how you generate a customized project site: Continue reading →

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9999 PWA instances available

At first I thought it is a bug, but I was wrong with that: Since recently, 9999 PWA instances are available for each Project Online tenant. Admins will no longer start to sweat with an annoying limit of 7 PWA instances in the back. Definitely this  extends possible scenarios in a lot of areas, e.g. security, trainings and testing.

The strategy of Microsoft regarding other Project Online boundaries remains exciting. This change wasn’t listed in the road map, so we can be anxious about future developments.

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ProjToolV2 available

Since yesterday the ProjToolV2 is available. It works with CSOM and you can do various bulk actions like deleting objects, creating projects and creating resources. Personally, I’ll use it to get demo data in a very quick and uncomplicated way. Brain Smith described already in his blog, how to set it up. Here you will get an overview about the different functions of the tool.

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