Project Online PowerBI Content Pack V2

There’s a new version of the Project Online PowerBi content pack available. It contains 13 new reports on portfolio, resource and project level. The process of the setup is described in this blog article.

  1. Portfolio Dashboard
  2. Portfolio Timeline
  3. Portfolio Costs
  4. Portfolio Milestones
  5. Portfolio Risks
  6. Portfolio Issues
  7. Resource Availability
  8. Resource Overview
  9. Resource Assignments
  10. Resource Details
  11. Resource Demand Forecast
  12. Project Status
  13. Project Risks & Issues

You can use the content pack out-of-the-box, but there’s also the chance to adapt it in the Power BI desktop client. Go to this link to download the files within GitHub. It will also help you to understand the reports in a better way, e.g. to check out the threshold values for the key performance indicators:

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