Project Online Migration

You want to migrate from Project Server on-premises to Project Online? Or you want to move from one Project Online PWA to another, e.g. to keep the configuration and data in line between your productive and qa environment? In this blog post I’ll give you some insights about this this questions.

Is there any way to migrate without third party tools?

No, currently not. However, you could save the .mpp and .mpt files to your tenant, but that’s definitely not an option for bigger environments.  Customers often ask me, if there’s an option in the SharePoint Admin Center of Office 365, where you can copy and paste a site collection with PWA, but unfortunately there’s none. It doesn’t matter if you are currently in an on-premises environment and you want to migrate to Project Online, or if you want to do a migration within the cloud.

Which third party tools are available?

Check out this technet article to gain some insights about migration scenarios:

The following providers are listed:

  • FluentPro -> Both is possible, data migration and configuration migration.
  • Metalogix Content Matrix -> Solely SharePoint content can be migrated.
  • MetaVis Migrator Online / Office 365 Suite -> Solely SharePoint content can be migrated.

Exemplary, let’s check out the first tool…

Versions of FluentBooks

Basically, there are three major versions of FluentBooks:

  1. FluentBooks Community Edition: It is a free tool to solely migrate the PWA configuration (no project data!) in a limited way. You can migrate up to 37 enterprise custom fields, 14 lookup tables, 5 enterprise project types and 10 PDPs. During the setup, you need to enter the source and target PWA URL’s – the license will be vaild for these two environments. To download it, click here.
  2. FluentBooks Lite: The price is around $ 1000. Allows you to do a complete one-time configuration migration (still no project data!) from qa to prod. Cross-platform migration is not supported, so the PWA’s needs to be within the same tenant. Besides the migration, you can generate a configuration documentation. That’s actually pretty cool and will save you a lot of time. The documentation includes nearly the whole PWA configuration and is a Microsoft Excel file.
  3. FluentBooks: Pricing starts at $ 5000 per year and allows you to do a full migration, both for the configuration and for the project data.

Take a look at this video, to get a brief summary (e.g. features, prices) about the different versions of FluentBooks:

A detailed feature comparison can be found here. Please note that within this blog, features, versions and prices will not be updated.


There’s no suitable way to do a full migration to or within Project Online without middleware at the moment. Make sure you consider this by moving to Project Online or to setup a new environment. Besides the Microsoft subscription there will be also associated costs for third-party tools.

Feel free to post other migration tools in the comment section. This would be highly appreciated, thanks! 🙂

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