New Possibilities within the Project Center

Maybe you did already see it, there are some new features available within Project Online. In the Project Center, two new checkboxes are rolled out:

  1. Gantt chart filter:
    Enables to display or hide the graphical gantt area to set a specific focus. It may be useful, if you have views with a lot of enterpise custom fields.Rollups enabled:
    Rollups disabled:
  2. Rollups functionality:
    You can enable or disable the rollup functionality for groupings. This is also a feature to boost the performance of Project Online, since the calculations are minimized.

It is not possible to predefine the two options in views, so the users need to actively select or deselect the checkboxes. If you have an environment with thousands of projects, I would advice you to deselect the project rollup functionality, cause this might reduce the page loading time. To get a deep dive into the possiblilities, how to get a better performance within project online, please check the Tune Project Online Performance blog post from Microsoft.

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