Change Project Type

Sometimes you need to change the project type while the project is already running, e.g. let’s assume you have original created a project from the enterprise project type General Project which should be changed to the standard Enterprise Project. If you can’t remember the project type that you have initially selected, you have several possibilities to figure it out.

For a single project

  1. Via Odata
    https://<PWA URL>/_api/ProjectData/[en-us]/Projects?$filter=ProjectName eq ‘<Your Project Name>&$select=ProjectName,EnterpriseProjectTypeName
    -> Just replace the red marked text in order to get your results.
  2. In the Project Center
    Mark one row (project) an click on Change within the ribbon Project Type:
    A window pops-up where you can see the actual project type. This is also an option to actually change the project type:

For several projects

Your best option to change the project type of a bunch of projects is within the PWA settings. Select Change or Restart Workflows:

Choose an enterprise project type in order to see the related projects. If you bring the projects on the right site of the selection window, you can associate projects with a new Enterprise Project Type.

If you trigger this process, the jobs are processed to the queue. The associated ProjectSite will remain the same, but the Project Detail Pages will change. Within the PWA settings you are also able to select a workflow stage that you can select in order to skip to.

My advise: If you do changes in critical projects or for a larger number of projects, check the behaviors within the QA system at first or at least do a backup in advance.


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