How to use Project and Resource Departments

Within the enterprise custom field and lookup table section in the PWA settings you may have noticed that there are some department related fields, which are by default in every project environment.

What can we do with it?!

The department field allows you to control which enterprise objects (e.g. fields, project types, elements of the portfolio analyzer) are displayed for each department and which are not – basically it is a hide and seek feature to limit the variety of input possibilities for the user.

What can we not do with it?!

It is NOT a security feature, because although some objects might not be visible in the PWA, there’s still the possibility to change the department field in Project Professional (Ribbon “Project Information” -> Department).

How does it work?!

Within the PWA settings the administrator needs to fill out the lookup table “Departments”, which is linked to the fields “Project Departments” and “Resource Departments”.

The hide and seek game works only, if you assign this department value to the enterprise object AND to the resource. Basically, if there’s a match between both, the enterprise object is displayed.

Here are some examples of the setup:

1. Enterprise Project Type:

2. Enterprise Custom Field:

I also linked the respective “IT” department to my resource and here’s the result how the whole thing works:

Note: If you configure the the department field to allow multi-value, you can not revert this. So please, choose your selection wisely.

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