SharePoint / Project Online Migration of Lists and Document Libraries

The simplest way to migrate a SharePoint List or Library with your content included is within the normal user interface – without any PowerShell commands. This approach works within the online world, on-premises and also in a hybrid environment.

  1. Navigate to your SharePoint list or library:
  2. Go to the list settings and save the list as a template:
  3. 1. Optional: Verify the success of the template generation (Site Settings -> List Template Gallery) and download a copy of the .stp-file in order to import it in a different environment (optional):It doesn’t matter if you did save a library or a list, both are accessible within the list template gallery.
    2.Optional: Upload the .stp-file in a different environment within the list template gallery.
  4. Add an app based on your newly created template:The only thing you need to do is to name the new list and that’s it.

For more complex scenarios you may want to use PowerShell or a third party tool like FluentPro or Sharegate.



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  1. Great blog Julian.
    This works if the file generated is less than 50MB.
    If it’s more than that, it just fails without explaining why. Took me a while to track that down.

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