Time Reporter App for Project Online

Last recently Microsoft released the Office 365 Project Time Reporter app for iOS devices in order to manage your timesheets and task assignments from Project Online. Android and Microsoft phone users need to be a little bit more patient, but it will also be pushed into the respective stores soon.

Update 11/8/2017: This app is not available anymore. 

Like usual, create some assignments in Project Online or the Project Client and publish the whole thing:


Download the IPhone app in the Appstore to get started – it is for free. Initially you need to enter the URL of the PWA and your credentials. Within the settings of the application, there’s the possibility to display planned time and to enable comments on submission. Besides this basic configuration options, you can solely edit timesheets and tasks.



The user interface is very simple, assignments are sorted by the task name, project name and planned vs actual time. Actuals are entered in the respective timeframe and can be saved or send to the status manager. In order to keep the overview about all the assignments (some people have to work simultaneously on multiple tasks and projects), there’s a filter by the project name in place. Like in the PWA the team member can add rows from existing assignments, non-project lines or even a personal task.



Within the tasks section you can filter by current tasks, overdue tasks, new tasks, incomplete tasks and completed tasks. If there’s any remaining work in the past, the workload is indicated in a red color. After selecting a task, the details are shown and it is possible to adapt the work in order to signalize the status of completion.


Unfortunately, I did not figure out how to edit the actual work within the ‘tasks’, yet. I just played a little bit around, so maybe it did not use the app 100 % correctly, even if I changed the server settings in the background. However, like always, I will keep you updated. On the whole, it works beautifully.

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