Fix Wrong Indentation of Oslo Design in PWA

For whatever reasons, in some on-premise and online environments, the Oslo design isn’t displayed correctly within the project center:

Oslo Design Bug

Microsoft already recognized the bug and will provide a fix soon. However, Akshara Gaikwad – one of the Project Online Support Engineers – provided a quick workaround for the issue. This workaround helped me a lot, so I will share it with you:

  1. Navigate to the Project Center.
  2. Edit page -> Add webpart -> Script editor webpart.
  3. Paste the following code into the webpart:
    #sideNavBox { display: none }
    #contentBox { margin-left: 15px }

    Don’t panic – the project center doesn’t show anything afterwards, because there’s one final step to do.

  4. Sign out and sign in again.
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