Set Custom Labels for Enterprise Custom Fields

For whatever reason you want to replace an enterprise custom field name with a nicer custom label, you can do that within the PWA or/and in the Project Client. We’ll check out both options in this post.


To enable a custom label in the PWA, you need to be an administrator. The following steps need to be performed:

  1. Go to the PWA settings and navigate to the Manage Views section:custom label pwa
  2. Create a new view, or change an existing one in order to include the enterprise custom field that you want to label.
  3. Click on the field name and enter the respective label:custom label pwa 2
  4. Don’t forget to link the view to the category, which is linked to the security group that needs to see the view:custom label pwa 3

Note that the label will not be displayed in the Project Client, this is done by the enterprise global.

Project Client

If you’re an administrator that wants to place a label for a custom field for the entire user group of the PWA instance, you’ll need to do the following steps within the enterprise global (Open Client -> Connect to PWA -> Go to Info -> Organizer -> Open Enterprise Global). As a project manager, you can do the process in your project plan:

  1. Lets assume that you’ve included the the technical field name in your table.  In this case I’ve added the task field Project KPI. The first thing to do is to save a view (combination of table and gantt) or table:custom label project client
  2. Name the view/table.
  3. Go to the ribbon view -> Tables -> More Tables -> Edit and type in the new title of the enterprise custom field, e.g. KPI.custom label project client 2
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