How to resolve the notebook error on a customized Project Site

Within a Project Site on the project server we do have a place to collaborate, file documents, manage tasks/meetings, risks, issues, deliverables and to use the integrated One Note to manage ideas. I faced an issue with the notebook after I customized the project site heavily. After I generated the new solution and made it accessible to the projects, there was the error message “Sorry, something went wrong”. Let’s have a look on the normal process, how you generate a customized project site:

  1. Generate a project site (create a project and use the provisioned site or create a subsite based on a template).
  2. Edit the project site (e.g. include more apps, change the navigation, edit the standard lists and libraries).
  3. Save the site as a template (Site Settings -> Save site as template).
  4. Go to PWA settings -> Enterprise Project Types and merge the respective project type with the customized project site.

Done like it is described in all the textbooks! Still, I got the issue. Here’s my solution:

If you save a site as a template, you can choose if you want to include the content or not. Once we have activated the One Note feature, a Notebook is generated in the Site Assets on the project site. If you exclude all the content, it is not there anymore and the link in the navigation bar will end in Nirvana. After I included the content, the problem was fixed.

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