Project Online Power BI Content Pack

There’s a free powerful Power BI content pack available for Project Online. The preconfigured set contains reports about Issues, Risks, Project Compliance and the Portfolio Status. Below you can see a section of the dashboard:


To make the Project Online Content Pack accessible, there are some steps to do:

Assign Power BI licence

The global administrator or user management admin needs to assign the respective license to the user/s:









To get an idea about the differences of the free and pro version, please check this link. However, for the beginning the free version should be fine.

Setup Permissions in PWA

The technology behind the data queries is Odata. Make sure that the users which should be able to use this content pack do have access to the feed. If you’re using the SharePoint permission mode the users of the following groups can get data from the feed: Portfolio Managers, Portfolio Viewers and Administrators. If you’re using the Project Permission Mode, you can configure it via the permission ‘Access Project Server Reporting Service’. There is no granularity to the access, it is an all or nothing choice!

Connect Project Online Content Pack to PWA

1. Start in your Project Web App and click on the Power BI tile.

power bi2. After you see the black fancy user interface, go to ‘Get Data’.

19-04-_2016_16-41-223. Choose the ‘Get’ within the services section.

19-04-_2016_16-43-154. Search for the Microsoft Project Online Content Pack and ‘Connect’.

19-04-_2016_16-44-545. Insert the URL of your PWA, you don’t need to enter the /_api/projectdata feed. Next you just have to choose an authentication method, like oAuth2 and enter your login credentials. That’s it!!!


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  1. Hi Julian,
    I appreciate your excellent efforts on this site.

    Need you help:
    How do I see Project Cost and Task Cost data in Power BI.
    Data set has only Risk Cost.


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