New Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard Apps

Sometimes a visit in the app store of Microsoft is like a visit to the candy shop… without paying. Today is such a day, because Microsoft introduced the Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard for Project Online and Project Server, which is absolutely free.

Update 11/8/2017: This app is no longer available. It is replaced by the PowerBI content pack for Project Online.

Update 10/10/2017:

The app is also available for mobile devices. You can download it within Apples app store here.

For whom is it suitable?

If we speak in Project Server roles: Portfolio Managers and Portfolio Viewers.

What is it for?

It is not a tool to select the projects, which are in line with the strategy of the company. However, it is an app to monitor and control project portfolios.

How do you get it up and running?

1) Go to your Project Online PWA and ‘Add an app’:









2) Enter WA104380116 in the search field and select the ‘Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard’:


You may switch to the SharePoint App Store.

3) Download and trust the app:


4) Be patient, it needs to be installed and configured in the background. Et voilà, the app is active and can be executed:


What options do you have to customize it?

You can configure new dashboards with the existing tables and charts. Furthermore, you have a lot of filtering options which expand the possiblilities to rearrange portfolio views.

Which default sections are included?

  • Overview
    • Project Cost vs. Baseline Cost
    • Project Cost by EPT (Enterprise Project Type)
    • Table with Projects, % complete, key performance indicators and variance values to the project baseline


  • Projects
    • Top projects with finish and cost variance
    • top projects by work variance
    • Tables about finish/cost/work variance


  • Tasks
    • Top projects with work in the past
    • Slipping tasks, work/cost overruns, missed deadlines
    • Tables about slipping tasks, work/cost overruns, missed deadlines and work in the past


  • Resources
    • Top resources by demand
    • Top Resources with issues
    • Tables about work, issues, risks and availability


  • Content
    • Top projects with risks and issues
    • Top resources with risks and issues
    • Top projects with deliverables
    • Tables about issues, risks and deliverables



You can download the project portfolio dashboard for the web or the iPad.


Go to Site Settings -> Site Permissions to grant respective users access to the dashboards, they need to be in the Group of Administrators, Portfolio Managers or Portfolio Viewers. Same as with OData it is a all or nothing choice: Either all project data is visible, or none.


As you may have seen in the screenshots, there are still some bugs to fix. Unfortunately, work and cost values are not shown correctly at the moment – at least for tenants with regional/currency settings other than English. I’ll keep you updated if there’s a fix available.

However, if the starting issues are solved, the dashboards can be used without far reaching BI skills, which is really nice for the business. Choosing the right reports is a matter of horses for courses, but hey… IT’S FREE and a try won’t hurt 😉

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  1. HI Julian,

    Can you advise if you need to use Project Online to populate the dashboard? I created the project on my desktop then added to SharePoint “Site Assets” so my team can update their task and have visibility to the schedule.

    IT downloaded the Office 365 Project Portfolio, however when I go in there I get the following errors:
    No Projects sound in “This Years Projects”.
    •Problem loading Projects Error: Forbidden
    •Problem loading Resources Error: Forbidden
    •Problem loading Remaining Work Error: Forbidden
    •Problem loading Resource Capacity Error: Forbidden
    •Problem loading Resource Demand Error: Forbidden

    I believe my permissions are not set high enough. I also can’t access Project Online (I believe permission level issue – need IT to fix). I just need to know if the data come from here and can’t be accessed from SharePoint – Site Assets.


  2. Hi Jamil,
    it works in Project Online as well as in an on premises environment. Solely the app catalog needs to be configured from the administrator. The app is installed on site collection level and not on a specific site (e.g. project site). Please make sure that you have one of the following roles: Administrator, Portfolio Viewer or Portfolio Manager.
    Best regards, Julian

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