Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Welcome to an O365 journey! Within the next couple of weeks we’ll have a closer look to the different services like PowerApps, Flow, Planner, PowerBI and so on – of course in combination with Project Online.

This blog article is about a tool, which I have learned to love in the daily virtual collaboration of projects – Microsoft Teams. Microsoft describes it as “[…] a messaging app for teams where all conversations, meetings, files, and notes can be accessed by everyone on the team. It’s a place for collaboration and work to happen in the open.”  Continue reading →

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Change Project Type

Sometimes you need to change the project type while the project is already running, e.g. let’s assume you have original created a project from the enterprise project type General Project which should be changed to the standard Enterprise Project. If you can’t remember the project type that you have initially selected, you have several possibilities to figure it out.

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Enterprise Project Templates cannot be opened within Project Professional

Sorry, we had some trouble connecting to get templates and can’t show them right now. This message might be displayed within the Project Professional Client, if you try to open the enterprise project templates from the Project Server, even if the permissions are set up in the right way.

Good news: It is easy to fix!

Open Project Professional, go to File -> Options -> Save and enter a location for the default personal templates.  It can be any local location, that doesn’t really matter. Close Microsoft Project and open it again – you should be able to see the templates, now!

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How to generate a Project Id automatically?

In many companies there is the requirement to define a unique number for each project in order to identify it in the project portfolio. In Project Online there’s a out of the box feature for it. If you want to use the same functionality within Project Server you’ll need to do a little bit more of configuration work, e.g. with the help of SharePoint Designer workflows. Continue reading →

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Deselect a value from a lookup table of a project or resource field

Currently in some Project Online tenants (I can just speak from my demo environments) it is not possible to set back a value from a selected lookup table by just deleting the entry, e.g. if you select an item from any project or resource field with a lookup table in the project web app, and you want to set back the value to no entry. In Project Server it was totally fine to use the keyboard, but it seems that within the online scenario this is not possible anymore. Since I have almost broke my fingers by pressing any key on my board again and again, here’s the solution how to remove the selected value from the initial choice:

You just need to select the same value from the lookup table again!

Simple, but unfortunately anything but intuitive to handle… 😉

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Project was unable to establish a connection error

Have you ever seen a message like Project was unable to establish a connection. This could be caused by a loss of network connectivity or inadequate permissions to connect to Project Web App. ?!


As a good administrator, you’ll trust the statement and you do check the project permissions within the PWA settings at first. If there’s everything fine, maybe you’ll ping the server and maybe there’s in fact a loss of network connectivity. But… what… if… not?!

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Time Reporter App for Project Online

Last recently Microsoft released the Office 365 Project Time Reporter app for iOS devices in order to manage your timesheets and task assignments from Project Online. Android and Microsoft phone users need to be a little bit more patient, but it will also be pushed into the respective stores soon.  Lets check out the basic functionality: Continue reading →

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